Never out of his reach

"I will not forget you!

See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands..."

I love this verse.  (These verses).  It's verses like these that have kept my head above water in the last few years as I have had to deal with some major life changes.  In all these changes though, in all the things that these last 2-3 years have brought my way, I will say:  God is faithful.  Completely.  100%.  I still don't see what the end game might be....and I still don't understand why everything happens the way it does....but God is faithful.  And good.  And in all this, I am as close as the palms of his hands.  Never out of his reach.  Never off his mind.  Never beyond his grasp.

This is just one example for today of God's grace to me.
My cozy bed. It's not always made nicely...and honestly, I've changed the headboard since this photo was taken but it's mine.  And I love it.  Still.  It's still one of my favourite places to be:  sleeping, obviously; snuggled up talking with a kid; snuggled up watching movies with 1, 2, or 3 kids; reading late at night; doing devotions with a big cup of coffee early in the morning; enjoying the sun and birds in my window mid-afternoon....whatever.  It's still one of my very favourite places to be.  I could have been completely different. It could have been a place of sadness, fear and anger.  But it's not. And I love it. See?  God's grace.  He never forgets me.


Anonymous said...

How I praise God for your faith and attitude of gratitude! You are right, it could have been so different! Love you always! Mom