Happy New Year 2011!!

Happy New Year!  

I'm not sure exactly what I'll be doing about resolutions this year but I have been wanting to do more simple layouts and I've been wanting to take more pictures.  I found a blog today of a lady who took a picture a day last year and is putting them together into a book of simple things that brought her joy during 2010.  I hope I'm not stepping on her toes, but I'm going to borrow her idea and put together my own Simple Joys book this year.  I'm not going to kill myself trying to get a photo a day.....I've found that being gracious and forgiving needs to extend to myself as well.  And I'm not going to do a lot of journaling....I think some of the blessings and gifts of God speak for themselves.  I'm also thinking this might replace Multitude Mondays ...not entirely sure yet but I'm going to try enjoying blogging this year and not stress about it.

So....here's Simple Joy 1/365:  having all my kiddos home and in their own beds :)

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hilde janbroers said...

happy 2011 for you and your family as well!!

Anonymous said...

I love that idea! What was that website?