A week of joy (10-17)

 This has been an interesting week for me.....a week of realizing my limitations as the sole adult in this household and what that looks like when until recently there have been 2 adults doing all the cleaning and cooking around here;  a week of getting a grip on what I need to tackle each day to make it work, catching my stride; a week of sadness & hope listening to the eulogies at my Grandmother's funeral; and a week of searching for Joy instead of just finding it easily.  But, whether searching or just stumbling upon it....it's always there - Joy - always there.
 Simple Joys 17/365:  This might be my favourite so far....hearing my daughter weep,  hearing that she's heard from God and then hearing her voice that she longs to be a better Christian.  She made a tough decision, in obedience, and came away later feeling like she'd done the right thing and God was glad.

and now back to the beginning of this week....

Simple Joys 10/365:  A card from a friend.  Not sure if you can read it but it's up on my cupboard door for me to read from time to time.

 Simple Joys 11/365:  Cookie dough.  My favourite thing to do with cookie dough?  Bake up a pan or two, but then leave the dough in the fridge so that a fresh pan of cookies can be baked up quickly as the kids are coming home from school.  Oh yeah...supermom :)

 Simple Joys 12/365:  Do you see the size of this Sweet Potato?  This, my friends, was the smallest one I could find in the produce section when I shopped last.  There were some there that you could have carved and put a light in like a jack-o-lantern.  This one potato is 2 meals of Sweet Potato Fries for our family :)

Simple Joys 13/365:  Mint Green Tea in a recycled glass mug from Starbucks.  

 Simple Joys 14/365:  A huge find of wide and velvet ribbons at my local thrift store. 

 Simple Joys 15/365:  My Epson Artisan 810 printer, some paper, and a clientelle that demands simply "happy birthday" on their cards....not "make a wish" or "it's your day" but simply "Happy Birthday."  Fine....make it easy for me if you want :)

 Simple Joys 16/365:  Wasabi.  He may look like just a cat but this little furball is the most affectionate thing, the most therapeutic thing, and we love him.

If you come back later this week, I'll have more sneak peeks of some new stuff Clear Scraps is putting out.....see you then!


Joanne said...

So sorry for the loss of your grandmother Cathy. Thanks for sharing that even in the middle of really , really hard times God provides opportunities for us to experience His Joy. Know that God is using you to inspire other people through your blog.