Simple Joys 20-27

 Simple Joy 20/365:  new more quickly washing dishes in the middle of supper prep to get everything cooked

 Simple Joys 21/365:  My son's bookshelf: cleaned, purged and holding only his favourite books

Simple Joys 22/365:  My boys, both in the same loft bed, playing together on their iPods.

 Simple Joys 23/365:  The boys & I played a game of Scrabble and used "wordfinder" on their iPods to get the best words....fastest, highest scoring game ever!

 Simple Joys 24/365:  6:30am, doing devotions and drinking my first cup of coffee....and this is where the cat choses to sit during this time, on my chest (nearly under my chin). Sometimes I can't even see what I'm reading because he's sitting so close :)  And purring like a motorboat.

 Simple Joys 25/365:  finding the perfect corner cupboard for sale....with a TV included in the deal.

 Simple Joys 26/365:  Cutsie little vintage mugs from Tracy's Treasures (this photo is actually from the 27th b/c my camera batteries were dead on the 26th).

Simple Joys 27/365:  A fog-induced No School Day!