Ahhhh....home sweet home

Home Sweet Home.  All of our Christmas festivities are over and we're home.  We're going to go see "Tangled" tonight and then hopefully spend 3 days doing Nothing.  Staying home, staying warm, playing with new toys, enjoying being healthy, sleeping in...you know...all the things we need to do to re-fuel before going back to school on Thursday.

Here's my "simple joy" for today - THE Chocolate cake.  While not personally my favourite dessert in the world, this cake represents family, tradition, inside jokes, heritage and generosity to me.   

For those of you who were wondering where the Simple Joy album idea came from, here's the link to her article:  Who's up for a 365? 
I know, I'm taking it one further and stealing her title ideas too but it just couldn't be more perfect for me and I'm excited about the prospect of finding my joy this year in all the simple things around me.


Maria said...

Mmmmmm chocolate cake :-) Love the whole simple joys idea! I should really do that - maybe then I'd start taking pictures again (and blogging again!)