Multitude Monday: Aug. 23

I am thankful for:

#86. Grace. Don't get me wrong...I love Mercy too but this week I'm particularly thankful for Grace and all the goodness that has come into my life this week at a time when not only DID I not earn it...there's no possible way I COULD have earned it.

#87. Neighbours. When we moved into this house we had determined to fix the house up and sell it within a few years. That thought lasted about a week until several of our neighbours came to greet us and brought us food and offered us everything from yard help to, 9 years later....I'm seriously moved to tears by my neighbours - some of the same "old" ones....some new ones, but all epitomizing the spirit of the word neighbour. Specifically you: T&L and K&J! I'm not sure I could move now if I ever wanted to.

#88. This new stove. I've been oven-less for over 2 months. It's fine I guess because lots of things can be done in the barbeque and microwave but muffins and cookies are a little harder :) and after a lot of seemed wiser to spend a little on a new one rather than spend about 3/4 of the price on fixing an old one.

#89. My thought jar. I'm not exactly sure if that's what it's called but a very dear friend and co-worker made this for me a couple of months ago - she wrote out many verses, quotes, thoughts, prayers, etc...that God gave her for me. At the time, the first one I pulled out was PERFECT. So perfect, in fact that I mulled it over for days before going in for a second one. The next one was the same - took days of savouring and soaking in. Then...after a week or so, I left it for awhile and almost forgot about it. This week though...I got up early one day, made myself a cup of coffee and pulled this into bed with me for devotions and I read through the WHOLE stack. I felt like I'd been starving and someone just handed me a bucket of KFC or something....I devoured the entire jar in one sitting. There was no way to roll them all up perfectly again so the jar looks like this now. I should have taken a picture of how nice it looked when she gave it to me. Thank you LG!

#90. This one in particular.
Here's one example of one of the "scrolls." I love reading scripture in this way - personalizing it, making it to God from me, or to me from God....reading it back to Him. I've been doing a lot of that lately. Seems like there are a lot of times lately I just don't have words of my own to pray.

#91. The quarterback. E's playing quarterback this year. Back-up usually but he ends up QB-ing a lot. He still likes running back better but he's really good at QB and it does my heart proud to see him - the youngest and smallest guy on the team, leading with such authority and precision. The team loves him and he gives them 110% every single time.

#92. Day 20. Don't ask me how but one of those aforementioned neighbours roped me into doing the Jillian Micheals 30-day shred. I haven't lost that much weight doing it yet but I really wanted to do it to kick start getting back on the treadmill for the new school season and I think it'll do just that. I'm thankful that it's day 20 today - tomorrow starts the new level and if the previews are any indication, I'm in for a whole new world of hurt tomorrow but for today.....I'm finding level 2 do-able.

#93. My bed. When we got this bed several years ago, it was so comfortable (well...considering we moved to this from 9 years on a futon - no wonder) and almost every single night when I climb in, I sigh in's so comfortable. Right now it's sporting brand new grey sheets, a brand new grey comforter, a green throw at the end for snuggling kids and an assortment of pillows and let me tell you - it's still the best place at the end of the day!

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beautyinallthings said...

I want to see a picture of your bed!

We love you too and don't know what we would do without you on the block!