Multitude Monday - Aug. 30

I'm hitting the 100 mark today - not even close to my 1000-gift goal mark but I'm trying and not letting my own inconsistency get me down :)

Without further ado.....this week I'm thankful for:

#94. The chance to give Mica an airplane ride for her birthday. You can read the previous post for more details but needless to say, this was a very cool thing for a girl who already wanted to be a pilot. Her head is now FULL of things she wants to accomplish and I love to see that "I can do anything" attitude in her!

#95. The song Forever by Chris Brown. An odd choice possibly for me at this particular time in my life but the wedding dance video gives me hope and better yet - The Office version of it melts my heart. Today when I watched it I prayed that someday some man out there (preferably a farmer) would look at my daughter the way Jim looks at Pam in that episode.

#96. Peaches. Thanks Mom & Dad. That case of peaches was Delicious. I never got around to canning any of them - they went into many, many bowls of cereal, peach cobbler, neighbour gifts, fresh fruit snacks and most recently, a salad topping (peaches, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and a little sugar - yum!).

#97. My super-spiritually-sensitive son. He's having a few night terrors again recently and I'm sure it's stress and lack of routine and lack of sleep again....but in the middle of it, he prays like nobody's business and he begs me to read The Bible to him. We've had a few nights of sitting and reading Psalms that he doesn't remember later but I have no doubt at all that he's soaking it all in anyway and it's not going to return void :)

#98. Understanding friends. I love you guys. All of you. Thank you for letting me say NO this week to a few things. You know I'd love to have coffee with all of you and have all your kids down for sleepovers and go shopping with all of you...but thank you for allowing me the freedom to say, "no thanks...we need some downtime this week" and still being my friends :)

#99. Time to create. I have some deadlines for a couple of DTs I'm on for the end of August and last night for the first time in a month, I sat down and actually created something. It felt a little like coming home. There's a huge part of me that's been sitting on a shelf for a couple of months and yesterday was like taking a deep breath after having an elephant sit on your chest. Wow - that's a lot of analogy get the picture, right?

#100. I'm thankful for the ability to find Joy. Joy was my word of the year. I'm not exactly sure what I expected that to mean - that it would naturally drop into my lap at my command?? Funny...that's not how it works. But I'm thankful for the opportunities that do drop into my lap in which I can see and even choose Joy. I have laughed more and played more with my kids than I had in a long, long time. I have cried tears (good and bad) and just lay still and listened more than I had in a long time. I have worked and sweated harder and also just stretched out and rested more than I have in a long, long time. I find things to enjoy and I'm making a point of enjoying them when I find them.