Happy Belated Birthday Mica!

A few months ago in church I ran into a friend who's husband works at the local airport/flight school here in Steinbach and she mentioned that Harv, the owner, gives plane rides and often does birthday parties for kids where the birthday kid gets to actually "fly" the plane (ie: work the controls while he's there obviously). Mica was excited about the possibility and Trev thought it was a great idea...but the summer got away on us and we never did anything about it. Now this past week, Trev made the arrangements and we went out on Saturday for the flights. It was amazing. The little plane only holds 4 (Harv and 3 passengers). Mica sat in the front with Harv for both flights and Trev & Egan did one trip and Cale & I did the second flight. And yes, Mica did get to control the plane quite a bit - I'm sure Harv had his hands at the ready at all times but she turned and dipped and hopped a bit. So fun! She was convinced before this that she wanted to get her pilot's license but now she is 110% hooked. Cadets are in her future for this fall and she's dreaming of things she'll be able to do when she has her own plane. She's saving money for it already - while the boys are saving their money for DS games, etc...she's saving for a plane.

Anyway...here's a few pics.
Mica at the controls

Cale...a very willing passenger. He said no, he didn't want to get his own pilot's license but he was going to go flying lots with her once Mica got hers. Good networking, buddy!

Egan & Trev...the first brave souls to fly with Mica at the controls. Trev's comment later was that he was glad she only discovered the up and down controls at the end of this trip. She on the other hand, is hoping to fly trick planes - apparently she's got a stomach of steel.

An aerial view of our neighbourhood! Ours is third from the top on the right hand side of the street (brown roof, bungalow, playhouse in the backyard) By the way, would the person who has their car parked in front of our yard, please move it either forward or backward so that someone else (ie: ME) could park there too if I need to.

An aerial view of the elementary school - now we can see where all those stray soccer balls have ended up.

An aerial view of our church.

An aerial view of the Jr. High where Mica will go and where Cale practices football.

An aerial view of the Corn Maze outside of town, in case anyone wants to cheat :)

She could barely contain herself. If she was a squealer I'm sure we all would have had to take off our earphones in the plane but as it is, she just kept saying over and over, "This is so cool...this is sooooo cool."

so, sorry that it took so long honey....but Happy Birthday!