Trick or Treating in April

This is the haul of candy (and other stuff) that my kids came home with today when we all tagged along with MIL & FIL at their bi-annual hardware store convention. So many of the booths want them to sell their stuff in their little convenience store and so in order to ingratiate themselves to MIL & FIL, they're super nice to their grandkids (who just happen to be ultra-cute and ultra-polite). So they dip into their stashes in their booths and fill our cart up with goodies. Some years they've ended up with flashlights and screwdrivers, pins and stickers, gum and candy. This year the majority was candy as you can see. There are 3 t-shirts in there and a first-aid kit (apparently that's the whole of my share of the haul). It's almost a better haul that the parade in August. Fortunately, the way we allow candy in this house, this should probably last until the parade in August :)
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