OJ and a backyard makeover

I squeezed the last of the oranges this morning (in anticipation of grocery night tonight) and made myself a glass of OJ before school....it was TO DIE FOR yummy....and I start to get the reasoning behind OJ being $4/glass in most restarants...at least the good OJ, we're not talking Tang or anything here people.

My BIL & SIL are in the running for a $20,000 backyard makeover with a radio station in Edmonton....can you vote for them? They've just purchased a house recently but a lot of their criteria for purchasing the house was room for 4 boys and a layout condusive to a mother-in-law with disabilities and health issues. Therefore, a finished and functional backyard wasn't high on their list of priorities. Please help them out by voting here by clicking on PHOTO #2 (the broken back steps, story about 4 boys and MIL).

Radio station contest - backyard makeover

Thanks friends!
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Candice said...

What happened to Multitude Mondays?