Sanity in the midst of crazy

Scrapbook News and Review just started this new thing - featuring one staffer as "staffer of the week" and this is my week!! I'm not trying to toot my own horn here....what I'd love to do is let you know - those of you who also follow my personal blog (My far) - that with all the crazy going on in my life in the last few months, a few things have kept me sane:

1. Jesus Christ - oh my....of course, in general, I'd be lost without him but in particular this last 1/2-year I would have gone off the deep end without the sanity of having a Rock.

2. My good friends - Maria, Bev, Lynette, Lynn - you have no idea how much being able to talk to you has saved me. Thanks for letting me talk and cry and talk some more... and for praying for me.

3. A few good "jobs" like my DT Coordinator Job at Clear Scraps and a brand new Staffer opportunity at Scrapbook News and Review. It's funny how when you feel like the least in life - someone like CS and SNR step up and make you feel like you have something to offer and help you change your perspective. Susan & Jim - your faith in me has me working hard to be my very best. SNR Admin...all of you...I'm going to just say that you could not have come into my life at a more appropriate time. For the timing of all this to be coincidence is unlikely at best. I think I'll refer you back up to reason #1.


Rbarakat said...

AWesome post Cathy- I especially love #1!