We're a family of re-purposers

If you know me at all, you know that I love to treasure hunt. Flea markets, thrift stores, garage sales...I love them all. I used to buy craft stuff way back when, then my life changed and I bought kids' clothes and toys and now, in the great cycle of life, I'm back to buying scrapbooking supplies and stuff for organizing. I shouldn't be surprised then that my kids love to "hunt" too. And when I do bring things home, they don't always end up in the way I thought they would.

I brought home this wicker shelf awhile ago - I thought I'd put paint and stuff on it in my scrapbook room.
I painted it white and it was sitting in the kids' toy room.

Then today I found my youngest son playing mini-sticks in the basement
and using it, backwards, for a goalie.
He had assigned a point system to each of the holes
and was already at 63 points when I found him.

I guess he comes by the re-purposing / treasure hunting naturally :)
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Corinna said...

love it! i could see my guys doing that!