I love this day.

I love this day.
It's Sunday. That in itself brings all kinds of goodness to mind (no school, no work, probably friends over for supper, hours to scrapbook/nap/hang out with my kids). But today held some special treats (rather: blessings) for me. The house was pretty "up-and-at-'em" early this morning (kids watching cartoons, one playing on a new Christian game website , Trev still sleeping in our bed (not "up-and-at-'em" but still, not vacated) and so I hid out in the boys' room with a delicious cup of coffee and an hour of devotions all to myself. What a great way to start the day.

And not just any devotions....
but take-my-breath-away-and-bring-a-lump-to-my-throat devotions.
I hope I'm not violating any copyright laws here but I just have to share
how Beth Moore puts into words my own unspoken thoughts.
This chapter was about how every little girl (even those turned-big girl)
has a dream of living happily ever after,
and I love how she assures me that those dreams are born of Him -
he placed in me that dream.
Knowing full well it wouldn't be fulfilled here, on earth, by anyone else, on earth.
Knowing full well that he was the fulfillment of that dream.
And knowing full well that whatever visual I've given to that dream -
he can do exceedingly MORE than I can image.

And if that isn't enough - today she also reminds me of my 2010 word: Joy.
My study on the word Joy this year has taken a backseat recently
as I deal with life and am learning a whole bunch of other things from God....
but eventually he brings me back around to Joy.
Joy that has nothing to do with my circumstances.
Joy that has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with where I am.
Joy that comes from the "sheer awareness of the grace of God."
Not to say I can't also have happiness.
But to say that Joy is available all. the. time.
Happiness is a gift to be enjoyed; a treasure for him to give;
rare, and yet out there; a glimpse of his goodness.
Joy is my birthright as a child of God;
His presence freely given.

Plus, if that wasn't enough fun for one early morning. I get this to make my day:

My son, in an "authentic Oxford" shirt (he read the tag himself -very proud)
and wearing one of his Dad's old ties.
I love the little blue bandage on his right hand -
makes me think that despite the tie - he's still my little guy!
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Joanne said...

Thanks for sharing your journey to Joy with everyone Cathy. I'm experiencing my own journey with God right now that I've never known before and It's so amazing isn't it?! Not without struggles, but with a certainty that God is holding me up through them.

I LOVE Beth Moore and am currently reading her newest book. Just wondering which study your devotions came from?

Maria said...

E's so cute in that shirt and tie. Reminds me of the little skit the kids all did on Monday :-) Funny!