Making some progress on the basement

My basement has looked like this for several years.....some insulation, studs up, brick walls exposed at the bottom, someone's scrap carpet for the kids to play on and open shelving for toys and games (and overflowing dress-up box). The plan has been for several winters in a row, to finish the basement. In fact, this winter we even did some financial re-shuffling so we could...and renos.

Until now. It's Spring Break here and I told a whole bunch of people that we were finishing our basement over Spring Break. So...I opened my mouth and now....had to follow through. Trev ordered everything Thursday and I cleaned out the toys and furniture from the room. Drywall, insulation & poly were delivered Friday and these 3 pictures are what happened on Saturday.

Photo #1 - I started the insulation after breakfast (9:30-ish) this morning while Trev ran to the store to get more sealant for the poly and staples for the staple gun.

Photo #2: By 11:00 we had insulation, sealant and poly up and the first sheet of drywall screwed to the wall.

After a short break for lunch....
Photo #3: Our entire rec room downstairs is drywalled by 3:00 in the afternoon. We still have under the stairs and the closet in the pantry to do but this room looks SO much better already - and it's warmer down here! I can't believe it only took about 1/2 a day. I personally think my husband's a rockstar. Oh wait...he is a rockstar. And he's amazing when he puts his mind to reno-ing.

Shhh...don't tell him...but this corner I'm showing you is the home of my future scrap-room :)
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Maria said...

Yay!!!! Can't wait to help you organize all your scrap stuff in your new scrap area ;-)

pamala said...

WOOOO HOOO, YAY for you two!!! Looks fabulous! Enjoy your warmer, probably brighter, and faboo space! Can't wait to see additional pics as you guys progress through the reno.