Vintage Doilies for sale

I live in this great community here in Southern Manitoba that was founded by Mennonites. It's such a rich heritage, that, among other things, carries with it a tradition of fine crafting. Today at my local thrift store I stumbled upon a shelf full of vintage doilies...and since doilies are all the rage in scrapbooking right now - I decided to snap some up and see if I could sell a few.

You can see what I have to offer here on my Flikr album of doilies. Email me if you're interested in any of them. I've got them listed on a 2peas thread for $2 each and shipping $1.50 to Canada or US - add $.25 each for additional ones.

Flikr Album of Doilies for sale

Thanks for looking :)


nicole smith said...

I love your doilies and I am interested in buying some! How should I go about this?

Cathy said...

Hi me at and we'll chat :)