Plumber Brothers and a Gigantic Big Mac

Mario & Luigi have come to live at my house this weekend...
..bring on the candy :)

Ok, first of all - aren't they cute?
And they're mine.....mwahhahaha

Second "cute" thing this halloween....Trev's on-air staff got together and made a pumpkin Big Mac. It was an in-house carving contest so they didn't win because they didn't do a lot of "carving" but they definitely win in my books for most creative um, thing made out of a pumpkin.

This is currently on display (for this day only I think) at our local McDonald's that not the coolest thing ever?? Kudos to Candace for excellent "sesame seed" placement!


The Biehns said...

Love the Mario costumes..very cool. What did Mica dress up as?
Hope you all had a fun and safe night.

Candice said...

Thanks! I got some slack for them looking too perfect!!