To Mac...or not to Mac

I've been feeling guilty about not posting on here during my super-uber-unbelievably-crazy month of November....and I had committed to doing it tonight when we got home from the first of our many Christmas gatherings....and then shortly before we left last week, our computer quit. Black. A new power source isn't doing the trick. And I'm not techno-saavy enough to figure it out so DH's working on it. But in the mean time, no posting pictures (all loaded on that other computer) and no email address book (oops) and no watching LOST (also saved on there)....aaaaahhhh!

So. Do we spend a little and fix what might need to be replaced in a couple years? Do we spend a little more and replace with 'next-best' or do we splurge a little and go Mac? Mostly I'm talking to myself here, I know that...but if you wanna weigh in on the decision with some informed input...I'm listening :)



Bev said...

oh dear...i feel your pain...i solved the dilemma by saying to my DH, "Do whatever you think". Long and short: we LOVE our Mac=) I was apprehensive about learning so much new stuff in my old age, but it's a snap. It's all very similar to everything PC. Learning curve was not an issue.