A little bit of what makes me tick

I don't usually post scrappy/art-type things here on this blog...mostly because I have another blog dedicated only to that, but this is a big part of my life so I'm going to share :)

I just "met" the nicest lady. Online. Her name is Bettina and she owns this company called:
I found her site and fell in love with some of her designs so I asked her whether she'd like to have someone designing art with her beautiful stamps...and she took me up on it :) I'm now on her Design Team. Here are a few of the first cards I've made with the stamps she sent me:

One of the coolest things about My Stamp Box stamps is that they come packaged in CD cases. It's wonderful for storage! I've already switched some of my older acrylic stamps to CD cases...what a space-saver!

Anyway....as Christmas is approaching, I'm very much looking forward to some crafting time with my kids, with some friends and of course, with my SIL when she comes out for the holidays! I have My Stamp Box stamps to play with, New Equinox from Rose Moka to play with, and a huge box of goodies from Clear Scraps that I've barely touched to surface of....it's going to be like, well...like Christmas :)


Maria said...

Love those stamps! I've already made a couple things with the ones I stamped at your place the other day :-)