My boys' Fish Room

We were having a discussion on Scraphoria about paint...
and how much primer might be needed for some previous
paint jobs....and here's the pictures of my boys room.
I had a look in my head...and this came out nearly exactly
as I'd planned.
Interesting note: I went into labour with my 3rd baby
the day we did all the pencil sketching on the walls
in this room. DUH. And I'll be surprised
if he's not permanently damaged from being in the room
with me and the paint fumes for the first month of his life...
come to think of wonder he slept so well....
he was probably passed out from the smell :)



Oh Scrap!! said...

I love it Cathy my son's room is sea room too,with palm tree and sand carpet,he just love it,i'm sure your kids enjoy having a special room too,my sister did all the drawing and painting on ours.

Alanne said...

I helped paint a couple sea animals!! :) Love you sis.