I just don't get it.

How did we get so lucky? Or is it luck? Or is it grace. And mercy. And more grace for those tough times. Of all the people in our family (siblings, and spouses) we should be the ones struggling. And we have. And we do. But here we are. Still together. While others aren't. I just don't get it. I don't think it's that we're trying harder...or more capable...or that it's anything we've done, or not done. I can't believe it's that we're just doot-de-dooing our way through life and not really paying attention....or we're too lazy to realize when we're struggling. It's got to be grace - God's grace - that has us still here. Still together. I see in one family how hard times turned out to be a turning point that led to a great new life. And yet I see more struggles in other families that don't seem to be leading to anything but more heartache. I wish there was a manual. A list to follow for the perfect life. The perfect marriage. But there's not. And even if there was, we wouldn't be able to follow it perfectly. No one's perfect. My DH's not. And he sure didn't get a perfect wife either. Guess we'll just keep going. And believing. And trying our best. And loving more. And learning to live with each other's imperfections. And learning to accept and embrace the grace that's holding us together.

Sorry to be so deep. It's that kinda night.


Corinna said...

beautiful post Cathy, don't apologize for going deep, I love it! We need to see thriving marriages, as there are enough that aren't and it's disheartening. Julio and I have often said what a lovely family you guys are and how we want to emulate some of what we see...press on!!!

jamilla said...

Well said Cathy and having to work at marriage is what it's all about except people don't realize that going in.

My husband and I are the married couple facilitators in a marriage prep course and have seen and heard everything but the one thing we try to instill it that marriage is wonderful and work!

Congrats on a successful union!