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I got tagged by Maria

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So, here goes:
7 Random Facts about me.

1. I'm tall. 6' in fact.
2. Further to that....I have large feet. Size 12. They weren't always (in my adult life) that big. They were size 10 until I started having babies....then they grew.
3. I have an aversion to socks. I would be barefoot all year long if I could be. Not possible in this climate, but as often as possible - they're off.
4. I had my first baby in the front seat of our car. It's a long story....but needless to say, she came extremely fast, and early.
5. I'm a hoarder of scrapping goodies....I buy and don't use....I save some stuff just to look at (sad, isn't it?)
6. I make the best bran muffins (an old family recipe from my DH's side).
7. You'd think as a scrapbooker, I'd take more pictures....but I frequently forget my camera when I go to events. I need to have one surgically implanted so I won't forget.

There you go.
I'm am tagging my new Clear Scraps friends: