OK, back to work

I took a sick day yesterday to get over this flu...and the forecast this morning was for -37 with a windchill of -49 but that never really materialized (It's Only -35 here today)so....it's back to work. Fortunately...it's Wednesday!! The one day a week when I get the van in the afternoon due to some tricky piano-lesson-shuttle-maneuvers "for the kids" after which I get to go to Maria's for coffee. This is my 2 hours of sanity/week. A place someone understands my addiction to scrapping; where I don't have to answer to, "mommy, mommy, mommy" or "teacher, teacher, teacher"; where there's no laundry or phones or ironing or anything really.....just a good friend and a good cup of coffee. Thanks Maria!


Maria said...

okay, Wednesday afternoons are TOTALLY my sanity and the highlight of my week too! had tons of fun with you this afternoon, by the way (as always!) :-)