Happy New Year!

I've missed more than an entire month of blogging.....I could give all kinds of excuses but to make a really long story short.....life got busy.  

Because we've always been so tied to the school calendar - both the kids, and I at school - September always seems like New Years to me.  New start to the job, new start to classes, new school clothes, and new resolutions to make this year the best ever.  I love it.  (Jan. 1 comes and goes around here without much fanfare, I'm afraid).  This year has been no different.  Maybe even more "new" than most Septembers.  

My job has changed.  I'm no longer working with Grade 1's primarily....I've moved over to a new middle school and I'm spending my days with Grade 7's and 8's who, I must add, I am falling for harder than I thought I would.  Love them!!  My job is also full time this year which is strange to me - I've worked part-time ever since going back to work when my kids were all in school full-time.  I've picked up extra hours as funding allows but I've never started a year working full-time so this is an experiment in perseverance for me (and also attitude).  My home is also changing - we're in full-on renovations.  We've been without our basement and second bathroom since Spring Break and now we're starting to see the end of renos - I'll do a whole post with pictures one of these days but suffice it to say - I'm working on that as often as I have energy and time to do so.  And, in the busy-ness that is my life, I've had to let a few things go so that I can stay sane.  One of those things which has been a MAJOR part of my life for many years, is my Design Team commitment to Clear Scraps.  I have loved being a part of their team for 5 years or so....in various capacities, including coordinator, marketing, teacher, and designer.  I miss it like crazy. 
 But, I have to keep in mind that this is my main responsibility right now:  

Aren't these guys gorgeous?  It's not just because I'm their Mama, right?  
Big thanks to Joanne Peters who gifted us with an amazing deal on photos this year!!  One more to show you - the kids wanted to do a "train" picture because she had this cool chest that we could all fit on.  It sounded a bit corny at first but the photo turned out really cool.  

In a nutshell....this is the reason I'm way behind in blogging.  
You'll forgive me, right??


Leah's Crafty Life said...

Your kids are gorgeous Cathy. I miss you so much already on the team, but truly understand family always comes first. I'm happy your transition to the middle school has been a good one. Keep us updated on you and those beautiful kids!!

Rita Barakat said...

Oh I especially love the train picture! You guys look fabulous! I love middle school age and I am sure you are a natural with them! They are lucky to have you! Wishing you the best girlie! Miss you already! ((hugs))

Amy said...

Cathy, that train pic is great! Y'all look soooo happy.

Best wishes with the renovations...

...and glad you are loving your 7th and 8th graders. That is wonderful!