Why I miss scrapbooking

I was awakened this morning by the smell of bonfire - I'm sure someone somewhere is burning leaves, or left something burning and it's turned into a hazy smoke smell coming in my open window.  I did actually get up and go outside at 5am just to make sure it wasn't anywhere in my immediate neighbourhood; prayed for whoever was out there battling a fire at this early hour; and then climbed back into bed with coffee and devotions. 

As part of my devotions recently I'm reading through this book: 

I've seen Luci speak at a couple of Women of Faith events and I've loved her crazy outlook on life.  This book isn't extremely deep/theological....but it certainly gives some perspective and jumpstarts my day with an attitude of thankfulness and joy :)  

Today's struck me especially because she was talking about carrying her camera around with her everywhere and journaling constantly about all the memories and how God commands us numerous times in the Bible to "remember" all he's done for us.  Remember, remember, remember....THAT is why I started scrapbooking in the first place: to remember my kids younger moments; to remember what things looked like, felt like, meant;  to remember how and why we did the things we did.  I wanted to perserve memories.  To remember.  And now, in this season of my life:  busy, working full time, single-parenting to a large degree, and in house renos....I find myself without the space, time or energy to do much scrapbooking at all and it's sad for me.  I am trying to keep up on a Project Life album....but even that is behind.  I don't want to look back on this time in my life and have regrets about not remembering it.  
My compromise is:  filling my camera card up, even if I don't get around to dumping the card, editing the pictures or doing anything creative with them;  journaling a few lines each day and blogging when I can even if it doesn't turn into a lovely 12x12 page of artistic journaling; and spending the time with my kids MAKING memories, even if they don't all get documented and preserved....the making of the memories is, after all, the more important of those two things.