Not enough Kleenex

This song has been running through my head recently..
....and this past week in particular as I reach a breaking point of having to do everything alone. 
I cry through the song everytime it plays on my iPod 
but this morning as I sit, 
having coffee and journaling, 
and really letting my emotions sit for awhile, 
I decided to watch the video instead.

I'm not sure I have enough Kleenex in my house. 

My goal is to get past the point of singing the first choruses over and over in my head and get to the point where the last chorus is what echos in my soul:

I will love you for you
not for what you have done
or what you will become
I will love you for you
I will give you the love
the love that you never knew


Jacqui B. said...

I'm right beside you in thought and prayer. God bless you today in a way bigger than He's done yet.


Carla said...

Oh Cathy. My heart hurts for you. Thanks for being vulnerable. Praying His love will engulf you, saturating your soul and your mind and your heart.