Good friends...and my first craft fair

Simple Joy 259/365:  Good friends.

David & Sonya, some friends who God specifically dropped into my life a few years ago - there's just no other way to explain it - were moving back from Alberta to Ontario and needed a place to stay along the way so I got to have them over for a night!  What a treat to see them again; to be blessed again by Sonya's tight hugs and to be able to be a blessing by simply making them toast :)  Love you guys!!!  (oh, and I stole your picture from your FB page Sonya)

Simple Joy 260/365: My first craft fair.
I was at Sunshine Nursery & Greenhouse today for their Fall Fest. 
It was the first time I've tried to sell my cards and journals this way. The jury's still out on whether it's my thing or not. I'd much rather have a stand set up in a store, like I have here: Heier Designs
Thanks so much Maria for helping me out! And, thanks to my daughter Mica for sitting there with me for the first half of the day!  I LOVE hanging out with you honey!!
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