Simple Joys 218-230

 Simple Joy 218:  Football tournament this weekend and this photo in particular of my youngest (the QB) with a perfect handoff to his receiver for a TD.

  Simple Joy 219:  Same tournament, second day:  this photo of my oldest son, #42 playing Cornerback

 Simple Joy 220:   A favourite mug.  You know how a mug just feels right in your hand and that seems to make the coffee even better?  This beauty is a "second" from my Aunt Jan's stunning pottery collection, simply because I think the glaze dripped into blobs on the unique and the perfect mug for me.

Simple Joy 221:  A treasure found at my local MCC store - the entire boxed set of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings - I think I paid about $2 for all these books together. (Sorry, the picture's sideways...I'm too lazy to go back to Picasa).

Simple Joy 222:  This lovely little fawn stood less than 10 ft. away from us on the bike trail at Bird's Hill when we went camping.  We talked and took multiple pictures and it never moved except to take another bite of grass and then to pose for another photo.

Simple Joy 223:  Camping. This was a FANTASTIC holiday for the kids & I.  Swimming, biking, playing on the beach, Geo-caching, catching squirrels, sleeping in "our" tent trailer (soon to be ours) much fun.

Simple Joy 224:  Our tent trailer.  See previous post for more detail about our new adventure.

Simple Joy 225:  A clean fridge.  Need I say more?

Simple Joy 226:  My new favourite breakfast:  Granola or Kashi, blueberries & strawberries.  Mmmm.

Simple Joy 227:  SuperRope.  This is way more addicting for me than Angry Birds ever was.

Simple Joy 228:  Another MCC find:  this tape holder is perfect for my ink pads.  I LOVE cheap organizational finds!

Simple Joy 229:  New Nubar nails for the end of summer. 

Simple Joy 230:  Birthday pedicures with my DD (a few weeks late but just in time for the end of summer) and eye appointments that all 3 of my kids ACED.  In fact, the doc said Cale had "better than 20/20 vision"  Whew.  It's actually kind of a relief considering I hadn't taken them for eye check-ups for about 5 years.  Oops.

And now, we're off to Moose Jaw for the weekend with my brother and my parents.  Looking forward to the tunnel tours, the mineral spa, some antique shopping with my Dad and some great food.