The Joy of traveling....and coming home

We spent the weekend in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan with my parents so I have a ton of pictures from there.  I collaged a few and I'll highlight a few more but I won't bore you with the whole 197 photos :)  

Simple Joy 231:  Pet moose crossing sign in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan....the kids thought it was funny.

Simple Joy 232:  Impromtu photo shoot with the kids on a big rock under "Mac the Moose"

Simple Joy 233:  A visit in Brandon on the way home with my Grandma Martens.  Apparently it had been several years since we'd seen her so it was good to get reacquainted.  Still going strong at 94 years old.  Very impressive.

Simple Joy 234: If you know me, you know I have a love of coffee mugs.  The mug has to feel right in my hand and not just every mug is good for every drink.  Some are specifically for tea, some for coffee, etc.  And...on top of that, I have a special attachment to Starbucks mugs.  They have so many styles but I really haven't met one I didn't instantly fall in love with....I love the stark, simple logo;  I love the feel of the heavy mugs in my hand;  and I think I love the connection with their establishment date (my birth year).  That's the Joy.....  
 .....this:  not so much.  I took my coffee outside onto the deck as I do sometime to have coffee in the early morning with devotions.  And....the cup slipped out of my hand, both breaking one of my favourite mugs and also dumping a perfectly made cup of Mint Mocha coffee.  Waaaaaahhhhh.  
Ain't it fortunate for me that my thrift store carries mugs I love on a regular basis :)

Simple Joy 235:  This morning my neighbour called me over to see her Monarch-caterpillars (Monarch butterflies to be) which are happily gorging themselves on her Dill plant.  She planted Milkweed this year specifically to attract the Monarchs and instead, less than 10 feet away, they're perfectly happy munching on dill.  Hopefully none of the birds will get pickle-flavoured snacks and we'll be able to see these change to butterflies :)
 235 (part b).  Found these amazing silk flowers at my thrift store today - pulled the plastic heads out and have piles of flowers for some really cute cards!

Relatives are out from Edmonton today so I hope that the next few pics from me will have some really good FAMILY-Joy shots with all the cousins together again!