The Lost is found!!

Photo reprinted from Day 30 of my Simple Joys record.

 Monday morning our cat escaped while the door was open during morning get-to-school processes.  We didn't actually realize it until after school when he didn't come running to give us lonely-day kisses.  
We did the MISSING CAT poster thing, 
the ads online thing, 
the driving around the neighbourhood blowing cat-kisses thing,
the walking around the neighbourhood calling his name thing, 
the Facebook plea thing, 
the email your friends thing...
and nothing.
No sign of him.

So, way past bedtime, I did the only other thing I could think of.  I put food and water and a blanket out in the garage, left the garage door open a small crack and went to bed. I was fully expecting to have a garage full of strays by morning.   
We had all been praying all evening long but bedtime was heartbreaking listening to my children pray that their cat would be safe and come home soon.  Especially listening to one child sob these deep, sad sobs as he choked out his prayer.  
Then I stood at my window for awhile before I went to bed too, searching with my limited sight out into the darkness of our backyard, praying and begging God,  "...they're just kids, much more can they possibly lose this year?"

And then...this morning when I went to turn the light on in the garage, there he was...sitting on the top step looking up at me like, "Help me!!" and a big old orange tomcat sitting behind him.  When I went to open the door they both scattered so I quickly closed the the big garage door to prevent another escape and I coaxed Wasabi out from under the van.  He wasn't muddy but he was grimy and scared.  It took him awhile to come to me and even after bathing him and snuggling him he took awhile to start purring (which is his default sound usually).  Now the other stray is gone and Sabi is washed and being loved on.....I even woke the kids up early this morning to rejoice with me.  

I think, for the kids, aside from their cat-prayers being answered...this may be a reminder in the future of how good God is.  When they're feeling like their prayers are not being answered, I can imagine God leaning low and whispering in their ears, "Remember Wasabi...?  Remember how I brought him back to you?  I care about you and I care about everything that happens to you."
I think maybe He'll whisper that in my ear too. 
 Welcome home, Therapy Cat!! (aka: Wasabi)