Sick Week...

I feel just a little silly about this but thought you'd get a kick out of it -
I've just had 7 sick days in a row.
I had a cold...I know...we all have them.  So, because I was kinda miserable and because I work with some students with low immune systems, I took off last Thursday and Friday.  That should have been enough you'd think, but then on the weekend I was pretty sure it was turning into a sinus infection which I have on a regular basis.  By Sunday morning  I was very sure.  Unfortunately, I was nowhere near my own doctor so I went to see a walk-in doctor in my parents' hometown where I was staying for the weekend (Christmas gathering).  He said, "not an infection," (D'oh) but also he said, "highly contagious" and that going to work wasn't a good idea so, I asked him to write me a note (because my school division requires one by the 3rd sick day).  I thought he was writing one that said I could take "up to" 5 more sick days if I needed them....but what he actually wrote was "5 more sick days" and so when I forwarded the note to my school division, they then insisted that I take the full 5 days unless I wanted to get another doctor to write me another note that said I was able to come back to work early.  I thought about it but a.) this cold really did drag on until today and I really did need the week  and b.) getting an appointment in this town is like winning the might have been April by the time I got one and then I would have had to pay for a note anyway.  
So, I've had a week off.  I've napped.  I've been on all kinds of great cold meds.  I got some scrapbooking done for the brand new stuff Clear Scraps is putting out at CHA this coming January.  I painted my daughter's new bedroom in the basement.  I installed closet shelving, painted out a desk hutch, did laundry and dishes several times, finished some Christmas shopping and wrapping, made cookies...all kinds of things that I was able to do in between coughing fits, blowing my nose, and napping.  
Sadly, there are no paid sick days from my Mom job :(
Here are my new best friends:
Yummy and warm.....this makes me sleepy
I LOVE the menthol Dristan :)

I have my own bottle of this in the house so I can drink straight from the bottle....I just have to make sure I have a full 8 hours to sleep this off otherwise I'm groggy and dazed for the first part of the next day.  I also have to take it on my way to bed because I'm woozy after a few minutes.

So, the weekend's here and I'm nearly as good as new!
Just in time for a 3-day week of school and 2 weeks of Christmas holidays!!


Anonymous said...

Glad you are better. Think I might try out your "new best friends" too. It's hard to sleep when your throat aches and you're coughing.