Multitude Monday - Dec 6

161-170/1000 of things I'm thankful for.

#161:  My friend Lynette. We are a lot of things to each other - this amazing woman and I - we rescue each other when we're out of an ingredient and in the middle of cooking, we watch each other's property when the other is on holidays, we talk about all manner of deep things, we feed each other's families,  we bail each other out when one of us can't be home in time for our kids.  On top of all that, she inspires me on a regular basis to be a better person, to keep on going and to always be in the Word.   Check out her blog - she's doing Multitude Monday too...and she's a phenomenal photographer...I promise you'll be inspired.

#162: Scrapbook Magazines that love me :)  I've been published in many magazines but it's been a bit of dry spell so to have some requested this Fall/Winter was a great treat.  These 2 just came out in the latest issue of Scrapbooking & Beyond:

#163: Birthday boys:
I have 2 boys with birthdays in December.  That was not my plan originally but really...who can plan these things :)  They're 2 years apart and the best of friends.  They love all the same things which makes parties, and specifically, the birthday supper, easy because they both want to go to the same place.  This year, AGAIN:  Montanas - in large part, due to the funky hats :)

#164:  Purging.  I'm in purge mode.  My house and my life.  I'm selling off jeans I no longer wear, scrapbook stickers I'm not using, DSs and games that are no longer played around here.  And I'm purging from my life too.  I'm slowly figuring out how to get rid of anger, pride and depressed thoughts.  I'm figuring out how to pare things down so that I can see what's really important.  Honestly, every single time I throw something out or sell something, I can see just a little bit clearer.  That may sound funny but it's true.  I am in purge mode.

#165. Speaking of purging.  This verse jumped out at me this morning as I was reading in Isaiah.  The first line that jumped out at me sounded horrific....coming from God....that he would turn his hand against me....especially now when I need him for me if ever I did.  I know He's good, so how is it that Him turning His hand against me might be for my good?  Then I kept reading and in light of my purge-mode mentality, it all made sense to me.

Isaiah 1: 25-26
"I will turn my hand against you; 
I will thoroughly purge away your dross 
(earlier in v. 22 it says that "your silver has become dross and your choice wine is diluted with water") 
and remove all your impurities...
...Afterward you will be called 
the City of Righteousness, 
the Faithful City."

I'm still convinced that God doesn't allow hurt & pain in our lives to make things worse than they were, but to lead us to him and to make things ultimately better.  I'm even more convinced than ever that purging my life of the dross and impurities that are messing up what could be pure silver and choice wine, even though the process may be painful, will ultimately lead to beauty, and glory for God.

#166:  Handmade Christmas gifts.  A.) they're saving me some money this year.  B.) they've been ultra fun to make and I think, they'll be more meaningful than ever.

#167:  My bed.  I can't wait to get into it every single night.  It's soft and comfy, cool and stacked with blankets...just the way I like it.

#168:  Jeans on sale.  Yay for a Bootlegger card that this week, got me 40% off Silver Jeans!  I will never buy jeans anywhere else again.

#169:  Everyone home.  I love when my busy day and the kids' busy days all conclude with the 4 of us together, all tucked in and anticipating sleep. 

#170:  Tears.  I've cried my share in the last few months and I know how cleansing they can be.  Tonight there are tears from my DD as she sags into my arms and expresses her anger and frustration, her fatigue and feelings of being overwhelmed with everything her life holds right now.  I'm not exactly thankful for all of that stuff that stresses her out but I'm thankful for her tears and that she comes to me with them.  Pray for me that I'll, in turn, lead her to God with those tears.