Operation PJ Day

Do you ever feel like you're just one step behind all day long? I've been feeling like that for a couple of weeks now - partly it's because there's been one or more kids coughing through the night for about that long which means Mama doesn't get a full night's sleep either; partly it's because it's this season where everything piles up (concerts, rehearsals, work, gatherings, shopping, etc., etc.); and partly it's just trying to get my footing doing this season by myself here at home.
Whatever the reason, I've been feeling just slightly behind on everything.
And I notice it in my kids too.
Mica actually articulated it to me the other day by saying, "I just feel like this mom," and then she proceeded to run on the spot, slightly tipping forward like she was about to lose her balance. "I hear ya baby, I hear ya!" I said....and we talked a little about the changes this time of year is going to have in it....and how we can pare things down a little and make life workable.

SO, as per our conversation that day....today we had a PJ day. We skipped church. We never did end up getting dressed (although there were some play dress-up clothes later on in the day). I had to answer the phone once and the doorbell once but it was a friend from down the street with some product we'd ordered together so that was a nice surprise to have it arrive already. Plus, she's seen me in my PJs before so there was no need to stress :) And, our day consisted of whatever we wanted to do. We watched a movie, we played a game, we made our first batch of Christmas cookies, I made cards for awhile, we set up our Christmas tree, we watched most of the Grey Cup and ate snacks, we did art together. I even had a nap at one point with the kitten :) What a great day. We did miss a tobaganning invite from some friends but I'm hoping that will work out again soon and that this day of getting rested and healthy will pay off so we can enjoy more outings like that soon!

These are our favourite Christmas cookies. Some people call them "Grandma cookies." If you're from around here at all or have Mennonite in your history, these are also called "Plain White Cookies." Creative, I know....but the cool part is decorating them - yummy icing and whatever sprinkles the season demands. We went with green sugar crystals this time around but they've been known to have pink hearts for Valentine's day, yellow & purple at Easter, even black on orange icing for Halloween. Absolutely no nutritional value here, people...just pure, unadulterated Christmas cookie goodness.
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