Multitude Monday - November 29th

Once again it's been awhile since I've posted.  My "weekly" Multitude Mondays have become monthly at best.  But...I'd love to change that. For those of you just joining me LOL....this is my attempt to share 1000 things that I'm thankful for. Some are deep, some are funny, some are everyday and some are miraculous but I really do have so many things to be thankful for that I would easily be able to come up with a thousand.  Now, if I could only get around to blogging about them on a more regular basis. 
I'm up to 150 so let's dive in and start at #151.

I'm thankful for:

#151:  Maria.   This woman is an amazing friend.  How is it that you're only making my list here at 151?  We have a weekly coffee/crafting/chitchat date and when we missed the last 2 weeks it nearly broke keep me sane.

#152:  Sewing.  I'm thankful to my Mom who taught me to sew early in life and I'm thankful for a good sewing machine.  A couple of weeks ago I found this very large selection of thread at my thrift store and I can't wait to get some of these funky colours on some cards and layouts.

#153:  A zero balance.  I cut up a whole whack of credit cards about 2 years felt so good to pare down the wallet.  Then with all the changes around here, I had to do some paying off and get a card in my own name....and here's my latest bill: 
 I feel like skipping back from the mailbox when I see stuff like this....or doing one of those off-to-the-side cowboy jumps :)  

#154:  Starbucks.  How is it that we're such a big town/city and we still don't have a Starbucks?  It's probably a good thing actually....I don't need to be tempted every single day - but I am growing a cute little collection of all-things-Starbucks.  I found this beauty at....where else?...the thrift store, a couple weeks ago.  It's gigantic....seriously - probably a litre of liquid would fit in here - perfect for those :late-night-gotta-get-it-done" sessions....or those "early-morning-wish-it-was-a-snow-day" days. 

 #155:  Homemade gifts.  I actually had a birthday during my little no-blogging month and one of my co-workers at school....a very thoughtful friend gave me these 2 little jars filled with coffee she chose for me.  Yum.  If you've ever done the "5 Love Languages" you'll understand that gifts are some people's love language - that's how they feel loved.  It's not mine.  I like gifts, don't get me wrong, but it's not getting gifts that makes me feel most loved.  Having said that - I love gifts like this - not extravagant, just enough to let me know you are thinking of me.  This gift, I'm absolutely sure, came with a great deal of care and prayer behind it - those are the best kinds!  Thanks L!

#156:  A perfect fit.  Renovating my basement is going to be a much longer endeavor than originally planned which means my little dream of built-in cupboards under my stairs are a long, long way from coming to fruition.  Still, I needed to make good use of this space - especially if I'm leaving my scrapbook room with a closet and moving out here into the Rec room.  So....I took my measurements and, armed with a tape measure, I went to my favourite furniture store - the MCC store.  I found this old kitchen cabinet piece.  It looked really funny, odd shelf set up, etc...and I couldn't quite figure it out, but it measured right and it was nice & deep, so I picked it up.  When I got it home, I chopped out 2 of the shelves to make 2 large shelves instead of 4 short ones.  I also pulled the countertop off and snapped off the backsplash.  When I brought it downstairs is JUST fit.  Just.  In fact, it was about 1/2 cm. too tall and I couldn't figure out how to get it in there and then my youngest son said (as he watched me struggling to shove this under the stairs) - "'s too bad you have carpet on the floor there because I bet if there wasn't carpet, it would fit"  Duh! So, I rolled back the carpet there (it's only a temporary roll end anyway), slid the cupboard in and trimmed the carpet to fit.  Done.  And, the counter top slid right in on top. 
 Oh, and when I finally had it set up and cleaned.....THAT's when I realized it actually fit my 12x12 albums.  Yesssss!

 #157:  Fun crafts.  I've been saving Kool-aid jammer bags from my kids lunches for a long time and finally found a pattern to make this cute little bag.  It's going to be my lunch bag for school :)

#158:  These photos.  My friend Maria's Dad is an amazing photographer and this is the second time that he's given us his time and talent and taken family photos of us.  It was so fun to do this...again we chose a chilly November day but still - very fun.  

#159:  GLEE.  What a crazy concept for a show.  I wish it was a little more kid-friendly b/c I think for the most part the kids would love it.  I've shown them several of the music portions of the show and they love it - especially Mica who is finding singing to be a great part of her life right now.  I loved the wedding last week - watched it several times and bawled through both of the Bruno Mars songs - I'm such a big baby :)

#160: Blog Simplicity.  I just recently pared down my life a little but moving both my blogs together into this one.  A.) it's one instead of 2 to keep up and B.) it's under my correct google ID so I don't have to keep logging in and out to check my email or blog.  Sheesh...what a pain.  I'm applying the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) theory to my life right now - and I'm loving how it's all working out :)

There you go. 10 more.
I could go on but I'm actually very much looking forward to getting to bed early tonight!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE how creative you are Cathy! And how special for me to see "My Maria" here. Good friends are special .... and it's wonderful to see the special friendship that you and Maria have ... definitely a gift from God!

Love your ... what a great idea!!

And why does it not surprise me that you would also be a fan of Starbucks? Mostly I find their coffee too strong, but I must admit that last time I went there I asked for a really MILD coffee and took a bag was delicious!!

Wishing you and your family a very Blessed and Wonderful Christmas!!


Maria said...

Yay I made the list!!!! You have to know you keep me sane too!! Or at least as close to sane as I'll get ;-) I love you tons!

Joanne said...

So glad to see your blog up and running again! Hope you're doing well. If I don't talk to you before then - I wish you guys a very happy Christmas. I'll be praying for you.