Proud Football Mama!

Yes, this is 3-4 guys taking down my baby :)

Egan's playing in his first football tournament this weekend. I took some pictures of him to show those of you who can't be there :) If you would like to see him play sometime - email me for a game schedule. This morning I'm on my way to Chicago for CHA so I'm uploading this from the Minneapolis airport where I've been sitting for about 2 hours b/c Delta rescheduled my flights. Yay.

He's such a leader. He's not even the QB here but he's the one gathering everyone for the huddle, encouraging them, showing them where to stand...and on Sunday's game, scoring all the points :) I'm so proud.

When I say he's the youngest and smallest on the team, I am not kidding....shrimpy...but smart and fast!!


Anonymous said...

That's our "Grandbaby" !Thanks for sending the pics. Please do send the schedule. Have a great week in Chicago! TTYL Mom