First attempt at Sushi

Look what Mica & I made for lunch today!!
For the past year, I've supervised lunch in a grade 3 class at my school and I sit at the back of the class behind this adorable Korean boy who always has the most delicious looking lunches...including, quite often, homemade sushi. I kept thinking to myself - seriously, millions of people make it, how hard can it be?? Well...hard as in labour-intensive (at least for our first try because we had to keep running back to read the recipes - thank goodness for the internet) but not hard as in something horrible can go wrong and you'd ruin it. I think our first attempt turned out pretty good. Next time around I'd do a thinner layer of rice - the ratio of rice to other stuff was a little off....and we really needed some wasabi but we're going to do it again soon. In fact, Mica's requested a sushi-making birthday party this year....that'll be fun. Apparently 2 of her best friends love Sushi as much as she does :)

Side note for those of you who know our family: I bribed the boys with Juicy Fruit gum and they both tried the crab meat but they both ended up eating leftover mac & cheese or lasagne for lunch instead of sushi. Oh well...more for me :)
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