Spring Break!!!!

What could be better than 9 days in a row off school? I love Spring Break. It's a great perk of working at a school.

We're hanging out a lot in Kleefeld this week - the boys (our kids' only cousins) are here from Edmonton, and we wanna spend as much time as possible with them. Also, we have some very important things to do at home...such as, sleep in, play video games, watch a movie we have rented, scrapbook, walk to MCC and hang out there for awhile without having to run home b/c it's time to make supper or something....whew....it's going to be busy. I may also need to fit naps in there.

No pictures to share today.
But I'm hoping there will be at the end of the week!

Have a great Spring Break!


Maria said...

yay for spring break!!!! :-)

Monica said...

Hey Cathy! I clicked on over from Maria's blog.

Is it okay if I check in here every once in a while. :)