A date for me :)

Trev & I went to see The Eagles last night at the MTS Centre. So, if you know me, you know I'm not a really big concert person....I love the music, but would just as soon crank a CD in the comfort of my own home than be with 15,000 other sweaty people and have to drive home afterwards. BUT...it was a date with Trev that I couldn't pass up, it included supper at my favourite restaurant - Chamberlain's (Best seafood pasta in Wpg. I'm sure). And despite the fact that I'm horrible at remembering lyrics, artist names, etc....I know great music when I hear it and the concert was AMAZING. They were so tight. You know how some bands sound great on a CD when they're mixed to death and then live they sound like a garage band you wanna call the city about? Not these guys. Tight. And on. Dead on every single time. Lead vocals, harmonies to die for and solos/brass band/jam-type sections that, for my sake, could have gone on for several more hours :)

Still not a concert-freak...but I'm really glad I went.
And the seafood was perfect, as usual.
Oh, and I forgot to mention.....before the date, he came home with roses for me (red & orange hybrid...my very favourite!)


Maria said...

I'm so so glad you went and that you guys had so much fun! The roses really are beautiful! Soon you'll be a concert junky, just you wait! ;-)

Bev said...

very very very cool. Sounds like a perfect date night! So excited for you guys.