Post-Christmas Post

Wow - that sure flew by. We did the usual gatherings at Oma's and spent the night at the in-laws (and several nights after that too since Trev's B&SIL and their boys are out). It's been a lot of eating, a lot of games (both card/board games and Wii) and a lot of craziness (with 7 kids running around). Right now they're all outside playing in the snow. Except me. I'm too lazy. Actually I took my turn earlier in the day. Now I'm pooped. And as much as I love these people - I'm looking forward to my own bed, my own house and only the noise of 3 instead of 7 kids. I feel a little selfish saying that but it's true. I do love my nephews though - they're cute & funny & crazy & all the things kids should be. Wish they lived even closer but I am happy they're only a day's drive instead of 3 like they used to be.

Hope all your holidays were great - and will continue to be great as we "ring in" the New Year (whatever that means). I'm really looking forward to 2007. I'm pretty sure it'll be a busy year - with lots of new stuff. The kids are getting older so they'll have some new interests and ideas. I've got DT work to do every month! We're going to work on our house a little, I hope. And our back yard. We have a flight to take somewhere this year??!! All 3 kiddos are in school full time next fall so there may be a job for me somewhere?? Wow - lots of new stuff.

Happy New Year!


Corinna said...

Great blog Cathy, glad you've joined the blogging world! Way to go with the Design stuff as well! You are so talented. Looking forward to hearing more of your family's (and your) adventures!

Erica said...

Hee hee a housefull of boys!!! FUN!!!!

me said...

No job young lady......I would miss you on the boards!!!