Another kids' movie...

I was planning to do a LO this winter on all the movies we'd watched throughout 2006 and now at the end of the year, I realized that 90% of the movies we watch are kids' movies....must be our stage of life.

Anyway....tonight we saw Charlotte's Web. What a fabulous movie - completely recommend it. I'm pretty weepy at movies anyway and this one reminded me of growing up on the farm and taking in baby goats when they'd be born in winter and not expected to survive....I was totally Fern (right down the jeans and pigtails!). At one point in the movie, when Charlotte's dying (I'm not giving it away am I??? You have all read the book, haven't you?) I had tears in my eyes and I looked beside me and saw my 5-year-old son wiping his eyes and trying to still his quivering was the sweetest thing and I pulled him onto my lap and said, "Are you sad about Charlotte?" and he said, "Yeeeesssss" and buried his head into my shoulder and cried for a minute. Just wanted to bottle that up I tell ya! I hope he remains that sensitive as he grows older - what a sweetie.

So, moral of the post - go see it - it's worth it!