100-day Challenge

I'm starting some "resolutions" now in February. It's not too late, is it...? And to kick start, I'm journaling about 2 different 100-day challenges I'm doing. 

1.  THM 100-day challenge. I've eaten THM (Trim Healthy Mama) for awhile now but I got really off track (aka: lazy) last summer when I was commuting back and forth to HSC every other day and eating on the road. Not my finest time of self-care. I had other things on my mind. Anyway....I do know how great I feel on THM so I have great expectations from this 100-day challenge. The basics are: on-plan eating for 100 days; exercise (I'm doing what I can here); and setting a few other smaller goals for yourself. Goals are set....I even have an accountability partner....and she's seen my "before" pictures (never to be posted online under threat of death). 

2.  I'm also doing a 100-day challenge from Hilsongs. I'm not actually sure when the plan first ran so I've kinda adopted it to fit my own schedule and it seemed good to run these together. Basically the plan is to read a chapter of the Gospels each day (there's 89, so there are 11 grace days built in) and to do something creative each day. I have no shortage of creative things I WANT to do....the problem for me is putting them off (cards, Project Life, etc.) and never reaping the soul-resting consequences of being creative....or  not seeing the creative in some of the more mundane things I do have time to do (cooking, enjoying movies, walking through the art department at school, etc.)

So....that's my Februrary 1 - May 10 plan. 100 days of eating well, staying in The Word, and hopefully finding a snippet of time to be creative again.