One Word: TRUST

I haven't ever really done the one-word thing before. Choosing, or allowing God to choose, one single word to be my focus for the year. I've had words that have been my focus in the past: safety, peace (lots of times), simplify, etc. But to actually sit, early in January, and ask God for a word....? I haven't really done that before. 
This year I think my word is TRUST. 
It's not a word I think I would have chosen on my own. I have a faith gift. And trusting is not something I generally struggle with. I trust God. I believe that if he says He'll do something, He'll do it. 

But I think maybe God is asking me this year to ask Him for bigger things; to actually write down and pray for things so big that ONLY He could possibly give them; to put aside the fear of "it could never happen/I don't deserve it/it's impossible" and ask. And trust. Trust that He's got it. Trust that He can do it. Trust for bigger and bigger things. 

The first verse he impressed on me this year. On January 1st, actually, was this one: 

He knows how to give good (and big) gifts. He wants to bless. 

So I've started my list. My list of big things. Things so big that when He shows up, there will be no doubt that it was Him. 
And I'm going to trust. 


Carla said...

Thanks for sharing Cathy. I haven't ever really picked or received a word for the year either . . . but as we were sitting with friends at midnight bringing in the New Year, and sharing hopes/dreams/words for 2016, I felt God give me the word . . TRUST! SO I hear ya!! For me the thing I felt clearly was to also trust the Lord with big things that I know only He can do and to keep my eyes on Him in regards to these things, not focus on my circumstances or situations. Gaze on Him in 2016 and TRUST HIM!!!