Post-Sound of Music

My youngest was cast as Kurt in our community's production of The Sound of Music.  From the very first audition, to the very last curtain call - he never, ever stopped smiling ear to ear.  He was completely smitten with the whole singing/acting world and now, a week after it's over, we still start each day here with some crazy rendition of "The Lonely Goatherd" or "How do you solve a problem like Maria?"

Here are a few photos from the very last dress rehearsal and one of the performances:

 The Von Trapp family singing in the festival at the end of the play

 Egan (Kurt) singing his heart out - before I got around to fixing the buttons on the rental vest

 Everyone commented that he had a huge smile/was always smiling.  He's had so much fun becoming this character on stage!!

 Curtain clothes :) and his "father's" obvious disgust at them

 Dress rehearsal photo - the lederhosen I made for the boys before I had a chance to tighten up the straps so they'd fit better.
 Hair and make-up everynight

 Do-ME-ME, ME-so-so, ray-fa-fa, la-ti-ti

 Yodeling his line in "The Lonely Goatherd" 

 Trying to dance with Maria.  By the last performance he confided to me that he was having to consciously NOT know how to dance because he was actually getting good at it LOL.

 All the kids collapsed on Maria on the couch after first "learning to sing"


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