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Anyone ever ask you what you'd do if money wasn't a part of the equation?
If money wasn't an issue for know what I'd be doing?

Upcycling furniture :)
I LOVE, love, love to go through the furniture section at my local thrift store, or at a garage sale and find - not just pieces that need a little TLC - those too obviously - but pieces that can no longer be what they were meant to be and need a whole new purpose in life.  I have 2 pieces that I'm currently working on - hopefully they'll be done for a blog post later this week. 

 But in the mean time - this is a piece I did today
 (A dresser/change table for friends who are expecting a newborn foster baby any day now):

(She's a beaut, eh? )
 I love the square chunky lines but the hardware looks old and Bleh on there...
I knew she needed to be a baby change table or something along those lines because her drawers are wide, but quite shallow - like only 2 pairs of my jeans and one drawer would be full. 
 and this....oh my goodness, what is this?? A formerly-glued-on piece of laminate countertop??  In some faux rock mosaic?  Nasty.  I keep thinking of dinosaurs when I see this for some reason. 

So here she is now:  
*primed with Kilz, 
*painted in Benjamin Moore Semi-gloss Cloud White
* drawer fronts in Krylon Celery
*and a Minwax finish

I even like the old hardware on it.  I bought more Krylon spray paint to do these in glossy white but once the dresser was brightened up I just kept the hardware the same. 

Hope you love it P&M....and I hope this baby, and many, many more babies are served by this dresser :)

I'm linking up (for the first time ever) with Liz Marie's blog - a blog that NEVER fails to inspire me.
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4 comments: said...

Wow! You really have energy!! I have "cleaned" up old furniture and then stained it, natural. Never this much work! You go girl!

Sherri said...

This is gorgeous Cathy! You did a fabulous job. That is way too much work for this chickie, lol.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing job Cathy!! They will absolutely love it .... How special that you would do this for them. I just know that God will(and is) bless/blessing you for it!! You're a great friend!!


Maria said...

We LOVE it Cathy!! It looks so perfect in her room!! I have all her tiny little newborn diapers in the top drawer - it's perfect!! You are such an amazing friend - I'm SO thankful for you! You're the BEST!! Love you tons :)