As promised.....upcycled furniture

I posted this dresser the other day that I re-freshed....
just a bit of paint really because it was in pretty good shape.

But here, as promised, is my real love - upcycling furniture and making it into something NEW or entirely different; giving something new life; giving it a new purpose.  

Here's piece #1.
A poor sad dresser
  Ugly brown veneer covered, and missing both pieces of and entire drawers.

And here it is, cut down to size, painted a beautiful Cloud White and new black hardware.  If I had a little girl, I'd put a nice pink cushion on the top of this and tuck it at the end of her bed for when she's learning to tie her shoes :)    Or maybe under her window so she could read in the sunlight.  Can't you picture it??  

And piece #2:
An entertainment unit that wasn't going to hold together much longer.
Solid wood (at least solid, from the mid-point down LOL), but in need of a new purpose.

...turned into this:  A great storage bench.  This one I'm picturing in the entrance somewhere with big baskets full of mitts and hats,  or maybe in a classroom at the edge of a carpetted area - books stuffed in and seating for the teacher and possibly the "star" student that day.  

 That's it for today.
I feel really accomplished getting these 3 pieces finished this week. In the words of one of my favourite Youtube videos,  "I feel happy of myself!!"  

 The dresser is already in it's new home, but the other 2 (benches) are for sale.  If you're interested and in my area....shoot me an email :)

ETA:  Nevermind....both are sold already LOL....NOW I'm completely hooked - my connection for old furniture will never get rid of me now Mwahaha.

Taking a break from painting today and blogging instead - both my own, and hopping around on other blogs - including this one (Paper Smooches) where I intend to be fully, and completely inspired to make cards tonight!
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Randy & Jan said...

What beautiful work and creativity, how Eco friendly, and what a great business idea! Blessings and congratulations to you! - Randy & Jan