Happy and sad :) :(

First sad:  My computer died.  Well, not dead-died-as-in-gone-forever.....I don't have to buy a new one.  But, I did have to reinstall everything and I lost a whole bunch of stuff (photos mainly) that I really would have loved to have kept.  Very sad.  This just means that if I'm truly going to fill up my second year of Project life....I have some catching up to do in the picture taking department. 

And, now happy: 
These are pictures that were either still on my camera card, or I've taken since then....all things that make me happy :)
 Mica playing basketball.  I keep telling her (and obviously, in this picture, she's remembering) that when she stands her tallest and puts her hands up, she's more than 7 feet tall!  That's pretty useful in Jr. High basketball.

 After-school snack - 4x double stuffed oreos.  OK, sometimes after-school snack is much more healthy than this, but on this particular occasion, some of the kids built Octo-stuffed Oreo-goodness.

 Nacho-movie night :)

 Cale walked to school one day instead of taking the bus, and when he came home he had these as a Valentine's Day gift for me.  That boy is Sa-weet!!  Love him.  And love chocolate!

 Waffles with blueberries and white sauce!

 Mica & her friend with their Marshmallow and Potato Cannons for their science project.  Good times!

 We dog-sat Allie again last weekend and this time around, even Soya took to her - teased her a little by sitting up higher than she could get but there was way less hissing and running away this time and way more wrestling.

 Can it be??  Snow??  This has been the weirdest winter and it feels like this is the first real snow we've had.  Beautiful...and just in time for "winter fun day" at school.

 More snow on our street. 

 I am so thankful for friends (and their handy husbands) who help me out with things around my house - here Gil is installing my new light fixture:

 ...and my black range hood/fan which now completes the set of black appliances in the kitchen!  Yay.

 So while Gil worked, Ange & I played - she with her Project Life and me trying to clean off a space so I could make cards.  I can't work in chaos and yet somehow a clean space always turns into chaos very quickly.  

Last picture of the day, I promise:  I've been waffling over whether to paint upstairs and so this picture says that I've decided...and now I'm going for it.  This is the primer done on all the trim up and down the hall.  


jfactor13 said...

I love, love, love your new bedroom light! WOW!

Rita Barakat said...

Bummer about the computer - I hate switching over - I am still in prcess using my old one as well as the new one! LOL! I know it's only a matter of time before the old one bites the dust! I love htose pics that make you happy!