New Years! (for real, this time).

Now we're talking.
When I wrote my last post, I wasn't feeling to excited about this new year.  I think partly that was because, for me....the "new year" doesn't really start until school starts.  On January 1st, I'm still in holiday mode and it didn't seem like a new start.    But now that school's resumed and I'm back into routine, it really is feeling like a new year.  I've got my camera rolling and my Project Life album set out on the buffet.  I think I'm ready to live this adventure of 2012.  

I'm not going to promise a photo-a-day this year.  I'd love to but no promises. 
And I have no word picked out for the year.  That didn't really pan out last year - I choose JOY as my word, hoping to find Joy in a lot of unusual places....and 2011 totally turned out to be about PEACE for me.  Who knew?  OK, besides Him, who knew? agenda.  Good pictures, a great we go:

Jan 1:  A little bit of snow, and our tent trailer hiding out behind the shed....waiting patiently for some summer adventures.  I booked tickets for Sonshine today :)

Jan 2:  My ribbon and button collection.  I took this picture because my latest assignment from one the scrapbook magazines I design for was to do some layouts with rainbows as my inspiration.  This ribbon/button shelf is my rainbow of inspiration.

Jan 3:  Mica and her good friend Lissa

Jan 4:  The boys were away so Mica & I went out for Sushi.  Yum!!

Jan. 5:  I drove to Winnipeg today to make cards with some cousins!  I love, love, love those ladies.  Cards were fun.  Being with them was even better.
 (of course, grabbed my camera from my purse after one cousin and my aunt had already left)

Jan. 6: This guy.  I love him.  Tonight, around 9:30 pm we went for a nice walk to get some treats at 1st Choice.
  Here's 1st Choice. Our closest convenience store.

 Jan. 7:  Finally, the Christmas tree is coming down.  I should have taken pictures of it when I put it up - it was a little more "done" then....that was before a few weeks of my kitten using it as a nap space. 

 Jan. 8:  Last day of Christmas holidays....lunch at Smitty's after church.

Jan. 9:  When I came home from grocery shopping, there'd been a phone call for me and my message got delivered via remote control car.

Jan. 10:  Making some homemade beef jerky.  Kids' request.  Can't wait for it to be done tomorrow morning.

That's all.
Off to a great start.

And, my CHA projects got shipped a week ago.  They'll be arriving in Colorado now-ish.
Better yet.....this coming weekend I have permission to start giving SNEAK PEEKS!!  

Stay tuned and I'll show you what I was working on over Christmas holidays.