Delayed gratification

When my daughter was little - just learning to speak - we taught her the phrase "delayed gratification" and we made her say it at family gatherings and in other public arenas as her little "trick."  It was made even better by the fact that she knew what it meant and could tell you all about it.

Sadly, in my life, for the most part, I am all about the instant. 
High-speed internet, drive-through coffee and microwaves. 
But there are a few things in this life that are worth waiting for. Worth the "delayed gratification."

One of these things that I'm willing to wait for is Tsukinecko's Goosebumps.  Because of the nature of this product, it does not dry quickly on acyrlic's non-pourous surface.....but given a couple of's a beautiful thing.
Here's a project I did using, butterflies from the Clear Scraps Mini Butterfly Album. This card will be up in the booth in January at CHA.  I first used Eggplant alcohol ink and then a quick spray of Goosebumps.  When my butterflies were dry, I used a heat gun to soften and curl up the edges of the butterflies' wings.  I love how the light reflects off all the glossy bumps from the Goosebumps.

  It makes the butterfly a beautiful central image for a card. 

I am so looking forward to this month.  Even though my calendar is full, there appears to be several completely empty days, and when I say "empty" I mean no-kids-in-the-house-either days.  Those days, combined with the big box of Clear Scraps acrylic that just landed in my mailbox yesterday, mean that there will be a lot more crafting going on this month than there has been recently!!  YAY!!

The new Clear Scraps - the stuff that I can't even show you yet because it won't be released until January at Winter 2012 CHA - is So. Cute. I'll be working on that so you can see it here on my blog as soon as I'm able to post sneak peeks.