Toby Mac vs. U2

The kids and I went to see this guy last night:


I have to tell you the whole story.

Earlier this summer, one of my kids got offered a ticket to U2...but not the kid who would really have liked to have gone... so we had some tears and discussion about how life isn't always fair, and how there'll be other tickets/concerts.  In this conversation, I asked him, "Who, of all your artists you listen to right now, would you most like to see in concert?" He'd never been to a real concert before this and I was thinking along the lines of U2, or some of the other rap/rock artists he'd  been listening to.  His answer, a surprise to me, was:  Toby Mac.  I'd been praying for my kids re: their music just that week...that they'd fall in love with some great Christian artists and start to fill their hearts and minds with positive music instead of just the music of their peers. I'd been praying that they'd be leaders, instead of followers among their peers and introduce their friends to positive music too - be proud of their faith and share it especially in the area of music which they all seem to be fairly immersed in right now.
So, to hear my son say that the best concert he could think of would be to see Toby Mac live....was literally music to my ears :)
I went online with him and of course, because that's how my good God works, there's the announcement that Toby Mac will be in Winnipeg later this Fall.  Buying tickets was a no-brainer.  

This same son actually did end up going to the U2 concert after all by default (the original recipient of the tickets turned them down) and he had a great time there...but after the Toby Mac concert, all he could say was, "This was way better than U2!"  I get it:  part of it was that we were closer (smaller venue) and better seats....but a big part of it was that he knew all the songs (which he didn't with U2) and he sang along.  He drooled over Brian “da Bomb” Haley's light-up drum kit and his energetic drumming :)  and grinned ear-to-ear listening to Byron “Mr. Talkbox” Chambers and DJ Maj.  AND....if it wasn't already the best concert one point, Toby Mac and his guitarist, Tim “Timmy Rose” Rosenau and beat-boxer, GabeReal came down our aisle - actually walked down the pew behind us to get to the center of the audience - and high-fived both boys as they went by.  Very, very cool! get them all up for school this morning...wish me luck.