Boo: Halloween costumes 2010 - the boys

Glue Arts is going to be Boo-ing blogs this weekend (Being Boo'd is the tradition of leaving presents at someone's door and then running away and in turn that person posts a sign in their window (so it doesn't happen twice) and Boo's someone else). I'd love a prize from Glue Arts - especially after this past week of costume making.


Earlier this summer the boys went to Grandma & Grandpa's and, upon discovering the over-abundance of cardboard boxes available that come when you own a store, they proceeded to make cardboard robots, complete with cut-outs for faces, arms and sometimes even legs. When we realized that the one box that made it home with the boys had the identical proportions to a juice box, a plan was hatched to make it into exactly that as a Halloween costume this year. And so....after many coats of paint, a lot of help from my Cricut and my Xyron and my Glue Glider Max....I give you E's costume this year: Minute Maid Apple Juice. C' can't help but smile.

We even made sure it had the nutritional facts and the back side in French.

Cale, on the other hand....went completely different. He found this fantastic bird mask at the MCC this year. It's a black hood, kind of, with eyes on the top and a huge beak out the front that you look out of. Hilarious. Seriously, I laugh out loud everytime I see him in this. I made him some big old bird feet to cover his shoes and with some bright orange hockey socks, a black hoody with wings sewn on....ta-da...a crow, or raven, or something. Not sure. I'm calling him a crow.
I must note that these feet were not made from a pattern and if you paid me a million dollars I probably still couldn't replicate them - they were a labour of love and a pain in the butt. Also, if you look closely (please don't), you'll see that the finished pair of legs has one hockey sock sewn inside out. D'oh. That's what I get for pulling overnighters to do crafts at my age LOL. If you ever find a good animal/paw slipper pattern....I'd love to have it for future creatures.

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Joanne said...

Awesome job Cathy!! You worked SO HARD and they look amazing! Thanks so much for borrowing the Mario costume to us. There were a few Marios at our church fun night but I think MY Mario was the cutest!

Have a great week - with NO overnighters!

The Biehns said...

Those costumes are AWESOME Cathy!! The labour of love is something your kids will appreciate forever...and I'm so thrilled to have such a talented and inspiring friend. Great job!