Multitude Monday - Sept. 20

If ever there was a week that I thought I wasn't going to make it - it was this past one. I have a cold, which makes a few things a little more know, sleeping, breathing - the little things that make life good. And something planned for almost every single day/night which makes me crazy. I'm a home-body and especially now, I love my down-time and I'm noticing a huge difference in the kids when they get it and when they don't get enough down-time. Crazy schedules make me crazy. BUT, peeking out now on the other side of this past weekend, I feel great. A bunch of "have-to's" have been taken care of and a bunch of "would love to's" are looming - that makes me happy.

So, what am I thankful for on this great, beautiful Multitude Monday?

#121. That my cold is better and I can breathe! The cough is still there but this one seems to have gone as fast as it came, thank goodness!

#122. My parents. We may not have the most Cleaver-relationship in the world but I think it's pretty clear that they love me and I love them. We had a good visit with them this past weekend and my brother was out too to watch the boys play football and visit with us. It was nice to have a chance to catch up.

#123. My bald Dad. My Dad shaves his head. Not sure when that started. His big joke when he was still driving school bus was that he wanted to shave "sit down and shut up" into the back of his head so he could just take his hat off when the bus was getting a little rowdy. They boys thought that he should shave it into a Mohawk and so he said to them..."go ahead." They were completely caught off guard that he was serious but knowing that he was going to be shaving his head Saturday night before their trip to BC anyway...he let the boys have at it with his razor. Egan was so funny - it took actually using the razor on our hands to convince him that he couldn't actually cut (and hurt) Grandpa. Then things got silly:

#124. Funnier still....I'm thankful for my brother who makes the boys feel like a million bucks. Or at least $10 LOL. After cutting Grandpa's hair, Uncle Al told them that in a salon, when you cut someone's hair, you get he gave them each $5 for their hard work on Grandpa's head. I know it's a little sum of $$ for Al, and it's enough to buy a nice toy or something for the boys...but the joke of "what can we get paid for around here" lasted all weekend and will probably be what's remembered most about this weekend! Thanks Al!

#125. Bikes. What boy is complete without a bike? Not mine, that's for sure. We took our bikes to the Kleefeld Skate Park this past week and then again to the Morden Skate Park this weekend. The boys are getting braver and braver and having so much fun....Cale must have asked me a hundred times to go back to Kleefleld's this evening. I'd say, "whew, saved by the rain" but I really would have loved to take him again - I love the pure JOY on his face as he's coming down a ramp or jumping off a ledge! I could snap pictures all day long!

Oh, and of course, since the skate park wasn't busy, they had to try a few of the harder jumps and grinds on foot - just to see what it would be like.

#126. Hugs. A co-worker of mine told me that when her marriage was in crisis, one of her co-workers gave her a hug every single day and she really appreciated it. Now she's tracking me down to make sure I get one good adult hug every day :) At first I though, "oh, how sweet" but I am starting to see how that could really be a gap for me....I love a good hug!

#127. Peach Jam. Enough said. Thanks Mom S.

#128. A teaching opportunity in Thompson. YAY! Never been there before - only know one person there, that I know of...but it's going to be so much fun.

#129. Subbing shifts. I can't physically work full time right now and still be the mom I need to I'm praying that my co-workers will get sick. No, seriously, I'm praying for sub-shifts at work in the afternoons....not that they'll get sick, but maybe that they'll have afternoon appointments or something so that I'll have to cover for them. I worked today in Kindergarten (what a treat!) and tomorrow I sub again. See...God is good, all the time!

#130. Love. I feel loved. I love feeling loved!


Ang said...

You are loved! Have you been working for me this week?? Hope we can chat and do coffee again soon! Love ya!